Our New House!

Front view of the house from Stonehaven Drive showing the width of the property. Just as a side-note, none of the furniture in the following photos is ours...we haven't moved in yet - but should soon!

Living room.

Dining area.

Living room, dining area and stairs going up. Front door is to the right, just barely in view.

Family room.

Kitchen with gigantor island.

Kitchen island, fridge the size of Africa, and the family room in the background.

Kitchen with commercial-grade appliances. "Squeal!" said Debra.

Firepit, swimming pool and patio taken from the bottom of the hill in the backyard.

Back patio dining area.

Master bedroom.

Master bath with jacuzzi tub.

The pool and patio in the backyard taken from the left side of the house.

The pool and the BBQ grill. The hill slopes up quite ways behind the house and is wooded.

Back patio with BBQ grill on right, taken from mini-basketball court.

Front view of the house from Stonehaven Drive with three car garage and front steps.

Front of the house and the walkway leading to the front door.